Tom Hanks to star in remake of A Man Called Ove

Tom Hanks is one of the biggest, most likable movie stars the world has ever known, so when you’re taking a beloved Swedish movie and remaking as a big Hollywood production it helps to have a man like him in the starring role. That’s the plan with the upcoming remake of A MAN CALLED OVE, which has just cast Hanks in the lead role.

Hanks will star in and produce the remake of the Swedish hit, which was also the highest grossing foreign film in America last year. Hanks will produce alongside Gary Goetzman and his wife Rita Wilson, the latter of whom said the film – and the 2012 book it’s based on – have “transcended the language barrier” thanks to its wonderful story:

This story about love, tolerance and hope amplifies the qualities in movies that are hallmarks of the classic films we know and love. ’A Man Called Ove’ transcended the language barrier to touch readers and audiences in ways we long for. What an honor to be part of such beautiful material.

The movie was nominated for two Academy Awards this year (Best Foreign Language Film and Best Makeup). It lost both those categories to THE SALESMAN and SUICIDE SQUAD, but OVE joins another of this year’s Foreign Language nominees – TONI ERDMANN – to get the American remake treatment, with ERDMANN set to star Jack Nicholson.

I never caught OVE, but it's been one on my list to see since it came out. On that note, I have no idea if a remake is a good idea or if Hanks is a right fit. But, of course, it's Tom Hanks; he can do anything. He's insanely lovable and as evidenced by recent roles in movies like CAPTAIN PHILLPS and SULLY he's still one of Hollywood's best leading men. If he's on board, I am too. My captain, my captain!

Source: Variety



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