Tom Hardy confirms that Mad Max sequels are indeed happening

These days, I rarely make it to the theater to enjoy a film more than once. Not to sound like an ass, but I’m a very busy dude and my time spent at the theater is quite limited. However, one film that you can guarantee I saw more than once was George Miller’s MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, because holy shit, that movie is awesome! And, as much as I enjoyed the parched mumblings of Tom Hardy’s Max, it was Charlize Theron’s Furiosa that stole the show for me. Having already fostered a long-standing affinity for Ms. Theron over the years, I was positively blown away by her commanding performance. It was one that day when the often-times blonde bombshell leveled up in my mind, making her one of my favorite female actors of all time.

While attending the on-going TCA 2017 event (Television Critics Association) in promotion for his new FX series TABOO, Tom Hardy indulged interviewers with an update regarding the future of his participation in the MAD MAX series. Excited yet? Here’s what Hardy had to say while speaking at the TCA panel:

I’m anxiously waiting to find out. There’s mythology to do with Mad Max that spans copious amounts of tales. What’s wonderful about George [Miller] is that he’s created sagas for Max and sagas for Furiosa, so it’s what he chooses to focus in on. I’m really just waiting for the call like, “All right, let’s get the leathers on and get back out there and do some more.” It’s there. I’m just waiting for it and looking forward to it.

Hardy also confirmed that he’s signed on for a total of 3 MAD MAX-related films, and that the working title for the next installment is MAD MAX: THE WASTELAND. Of course, the title is subject to change as the film enters production and whatnot, but we’ll definitely be updating you on that as things progress.

After the panel, Hardy joined Collider’s Christina Radish for a few more questions concerning the future of MAD MAX, and Hardy’s excitement to return to the character.

First, there was the question in which Hardy was asked about the state of MAD MAX: THE WASTELAND:

Yeah, as far as I’ve signed to do three of them. It’s a question of when. I’m not sure it’s called The Wasteland or not ‘cause you never know. These titles change all the time. But, there’s definitely another Mad Max project pending.

Following that, Tom spoke about his excitement for returning to the bizarre and wild world of Miller’s MAD MAX universe:

I love working with George [Miller] and the fact that his mythology is so deep. It’s a joy to work with an artist and somebody who has the ability to be a movie maker, as well. It’s the full package, isn’t it?

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated as the details of MAD MAD: THE WASTELAND are unveiled. In the interim, we’ll have to be content with watching MAD MAD: FURY ROAD a few billion more times. I think we can all handle that.

Extra Tidbit: I still have yet to see that MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Black & Chrome edition of the film. Who wants to buy it for me? Let me know in the comments section below and we'll make it happen.
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