Tom Hardy is a lock for Locke

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Who doesn't love Tom Hardy? His Bane voice may have annoyed some people but Tom Hardy is a fantastic actor that can do more with his voice and eyes than many actors can do with their entire bodies. A friend of mine was shocked when I told her that Bane was the same actor from LAWLESS. If you haven't seen BRONSON you're missing out.

Variety has news that Tom Hardy has signed on for the thriller LOCKE which is about "the story of how one man's life unravels in a 90-minute race against time." The film will be written and directed by Steven Knight who also helmed the upcoming Jason Statham movie HUMMINGBIRD. Filming should be starting sometime this month in London.

It's an incredibly vague plot so who knows what this movie will actually be about. Steven Knight wrote the screenplay for EASTERN PROMSES so I would hope once we get more information on this film it will seem less generic sounding. I guess the big question is what exactly is causing this man's life to unravel? It is described as a thriller, but will it lean more towards action? And who dares to f*ck with Tom Hardy?

Extra Tidbit: Who has a better "unhinged" onscreen presence, Tom Hardy or Michael Shannon?
Source: Variety



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