Tom Hardy jokes the Mad Max sequel will be a "live, free running musical"

When will we be getting the long in development MAD MAX: FURY ROAD? Don't hold your breath, according to star Tom Hardy.

Hardy is at the Cannes Film Festival touting his upcoming crime dramaLAWLESS and was asked about the post-apocalyptic sequel.

“We keep moving that around, you know?” he shrugs. “Who knows when it’ll come out? I’ve been on stand-by for two years… but it’s all part of it. It’s kind of the cool thing to do, to be elusive with dates and all that.”

George Miller is a renowned perfectionist. His ambitious movie plan for the new MAD MAX movie called for multiple films, possibly shot back to back and a prolonged shooting schedule to which Hardy joked “It was going to be a year of filming, then six months, and now we’re supposed to be doing it in six days. It’s a musical – we’re going to go around shopping centres in a little wagon and sing songs. People were expecting big, but we’re going to give them small. It’ll be a live, free-running musical and it’s coming to a place near you soon.”

At this point I would be very surprised if another MAD MAX gets made with Hardy as the star. With THE DARK KNIGHT RISES coming up, he is going to be huge and will have tons of projects lined up.

Extra Tidbit: My wife thinks Tom Hardy is hot. I think I will grow a neckbeard and see if I have the same appeal.
Source: Empire Online



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