Tom Hardy might play Al Capone for David Yates

We're going to get a glimpse of Tom Hardy as Bane in the DARK KNIGHT RISES teaser this weekend before HARRY POTTER, but the actor is planning beyond that villainous role to his next part.

The role is said to be that of Al Capone in CICERO, a project Hardy has attached himself to, and one that DEATHLY HALLOWS director David Yates has said to be keenly interested in. It follows the rise of Al Capone in the criminal underworld, and if Hardy did take the titular role, you would presume he might have to pack on a few pounds for it to play to round-faced criminal.

Hardy is also still a part of the MAD MAX sequel FURY ROAD, but that project has been delayed for a long while now. Yates meanwhile has been looking at a three part film adaptation of Stephen King's THE STAND. The man likes his epic book series it seems.

Think Hardy could be Capone? Is THE STAND worth its own film trilogy?

Extra Tidbit: I liked The Stand up until its ending.
Source: Vulture



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