Tom Hardy munches a cigar as Al Capone in new Fonzo image

Between movies like BRONSON, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, THE REVENANT and more, Tom Hardy is no stranger to playing all sorts of thugs and nasty people. With FONZO he’s taking on one of the most notorious criminals of all time – Al Capone – and after seeing a few social media pics of him in character in the past we now have the best look yet at Hardy as Capone in all his cigar-munching glory.

Director Josh Trank (CHRONICLE, FANTASTIC FOUR) posted the picture on Twitter yesterday, showing him under a bright light and with a big cigar, surrounded by onlookers. The photo really allows you to take in the excellent makeup they did on Hardy and admire how great he looks as the famous gangster. As an actor, Hardy always does great work when he can dig deep into the psychology of troubled characters, which makes this role right up his alley.

The movie will focus on Capone in his last years after he was released from prison and suffered from dementia, with Trank behind the script as well as the camera (his first movie since FOUR in 2015). Along with Hardy the movie also stars Linda Cardellini, Kyle MacLachlan, Matt Dillon, Jack Lowden, Noel Fisher, Katherine Narducci, Tilda Del Toro, and more. 

FONZO currently doesn't have a release date, but you can catch Hardy in VENOM on October 5.

Source: Josh Trank



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