The Symbiote is taking over Tom Hardy in first Venom teaser trailer

Given the trainwreck that was SPIDER-MAN 3, many comic book fans have assumed Venom would never get another shot at the big screen. Not only is that now untrue, but he's getting a sick, R-rated solo movie with one of the most exceptional actors around in the lead role, Tom Hardy. There's so much to speculate about with this movie, like how the character of Venom will look once the symbiote takes over Eddie Brock (Hardy), what will the tone be, etc. We could sit around here all day spitting theories, but how about we just sit back, relax and watch the first trailer, which will hopefully answer some of our questions.

Well, okay, maybe it didn't really answer much. That was a teaser trailer through and through, giving us the smallest taste of what the movie will have in store. We caught a glimpse of Riz Ahmed's character unloading some of the Symbiote goo, and Michelle Williams as Brock's ex. There is a disappointing lack of actual Venom, but I expect they will hold off on the full reveal for a bit. Ultimately what we can take from this is the more serious tone than other Marvel movies. There are even horror and monster movie undertones in that trailer, especially when Hardy begins what could be his big transformation. Hey,  can get down with a superhero movie made in the style of THE WOLF MAN. 

VENOM hits theaters October 5.

Source: Sony



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