Tom Hardy talks about Chris Nolan and playing villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

With the release of the immeasurably anticipated THE DARK KNIGHT RISES still about a year and a half away, and director Christopher Nolan refusing to part his lips with substantial details of the project, we'll be spending a lot of time seeking any scraps of reliable (if minor) information we can get.

For example, we know that Nolan's INCEPTION co-star Tom Hardy is playing Bane, the jacked-up luchador-like comic villain best known for snapping Batman's spine. The character appeared in Joel Schumacher's garish disaster BATMAN & ROBIN as a distended, worthless henchman, but Hardy says not to worry about anything remotely similar this time. "Chris Nolan, again, will revisit that territory entirely," the hunky actor ensures us when chatting with Brit talk host Alan Carr.

Hardy also discusses packing on muscle for the menacing role (using "fat and trickery"), plus gimp masks and Nolan's rejection of cell phones. Check out the interview segment below (uploaded courtesy of Batman-News).


Extra Tidbit: Hardy says he's signed for more INCEPTION movies, even if they may never actually happen.



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