Tom Hardy to produce and star in adaptation of Vertigo's 100 Bullets


Several months ago, Tom Hardy spoke about a secret comic book film he was developing with DC and Warner Bros. He stated that it contained "elements of all kinds of stuff. From OCEAN'S ELEVEN, to BATMAN, you can get all the wrappers out and it would be a big, really cool, technicolor PULP FICTION. It's a psychological f*ckfest, it's absolutely awesome." It looks like what he may have been talking about was 100 Bullets, which New Line is now developing.

The comic begins by following a man named Agent Graves as he presents several victims with a gun, the identities of those who ruined them, and 100 hundred rounds of untraceable ammunition. The story opens up from there, but I'll save you the details until you read/see the material for yourself. Word is that Tom Hardy will produce and is looking to star in a script written by Chris Borrelli (THE VATICAN TAPES, WHISPER).

Tom Hardy is killing it right now with his film roles, and while I'm bummed he's not taking part in SUICIDE SQUAD, this has much more potential for him as an actor. Either way, here's hoping he decides to take on the lead role and that it doesn't sit in development hell! If done right, this will certainly open up the world of darker comic book adaptations.

Tom Hardy can next be seen playing twin gangsters in LEGEND, which hits theaters on October 2, 2015.




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