Cherry: Interviews with Tom Holland, The Russo Brothers & Ciara Bravo!

Joe and Anthony Russo and Tom Holland are synonymous with the blockbuster MCU. The Russo Brothers have directed some of the most popular films in the Marvel Universe including the Captain America sequels, Winter Soldier and Civil War, as well as The Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. And then there's Mr. Holland who has proven to be one hell of a charismatic Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Yet the filmmakers and their leading man have something very different with the new feature on AppleTV+ called CHERRY. Instead of battling super villains, Holland is fighting off a very different kind of baddie, as he faces the terrifying world of drug addiction.

We recently had the great pleasure of sitting down with The Russo Brothers, Holland, as well as his talented co-star, Ciara Bravo. For Joe and Anthony, the two opened up about telling this very personal tale after the massive one, two punch of the last two Avengers flicks. They also compared the differences between taking on a hometown story as opposed to a world with powerful heroes. There is a fine balance between taking on the two very different projects. They also discussed working with the very talented twosome of Ciara Bravo and Tom Holland as well as when they are shooting their next feature, The Gray Man.

Afterwards, it was time for Mr. Holland and Ms. Bravo, who I spoke with separately. For Holland, he talked about how he became involved with Cherry, and the intensely emotional character he plays in the new film. The talented actor also gave high praise to his co-star, and the two have incredible chemistry together. And then there is Ciara, and she couldn't have been nicer. The actress adored working with Holland. The mutual respect the two share is certainly inspiring. And yes, both are fantastic as a couple battling a very different kind of demon with drug addiction and the horrors that it brings. You can check out Cherry right now on AppleTV+, and I highly recommend it, especially for both Bravo and Holland's impressive work.

Source: JoBlo.com

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