Tomb Raider reboot digs up a release date in Spring 2018

alicia vikander, lara croft, tomb raider

With Alicia Vikander in place as the next Lara Croft, we now know when her first appearance in the rebooted TOMB RAIDER will be uncovered. Today, MGM and Warner Bros. staked their claim on March 16, 2018, supplanting an untitled DC movie - possibly THE FLASH - that once held such a release date and will now surely be reshuffled back into the deck for maximum box office, if things improve following JUSTICE LEAGUE. At this point, there is very little in the way of competition for TOMB RAIDER for audience dollars, so, unless a challenger emerges, Lara Croft could have a walk in the park for those action bucks for a number of weeks... that is, if the movie turns out to be any good. 

This will mark the first TOMB RAIDER movie in 13 years, when Angelina Jolie last suited up as the video game heroine for THE CRADLE OF LIFE. That sequel to 2001's LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER found diminishing returns, seeing the worldwide take drop from $274.7 million to $156.5 million. That's hardly a trend that would provoke a third entry, explaining why Croft's big screen presence has laid dormant until now. 


Source: Deadline



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