Tom Rothman's Fox Superhero News Round Up Extravaganza

This is the third time I've mentioned Fox co-head honcho Tom Rothman in a news article today, and that's okay because the guy's got a lot of exciting things to say.

First Class wide poster

On the Untitled X-MEN: FIRST CLASS sequel: Matthew Vaughn is most definitely back to direct, and they're looking at a Christmas 2013 or summer 2014 release date.  As for the state of the script, "Mathew's writing partner Jane Goldman, Simon Kinberg (SHERLOCK HOLMES), they're all working on it now."  

Daredevil wide

On the reboot of DAREDEVIL: David Slade (HARD CANDY, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT) is currently still attached to direct.

Fantastic Four wide

On the reboot of FANTASTIC FOUR: CHRONICLE director Josh Trank has been rumored to be the director, and when asked about that possiblity Rothman added "I'm hopeful - I think Josh is going to come on Fan Four and develop that."

Chronicle wide

Speaking of CHRONICLE: When asked if CHRONICLE 2 was something that Fox was exploring, Rothman grinned wide and said "yeah, yeah, we like that movie. It was fun. It was a big hit and succes for us, but it was cool. But I will tell you this.  It had honesty and intregrity to it, so we won't make a sequel just to make one. We've got to have an equally good take on the sequel. We're working on it."

So how would you rank these four projects in terms of anticipation?

Extra Tidbit: Daredevil has always been one of my very favorite superheroes, and HARD CANDY is a fantastic film, so I'd have to go 1) DAREDEVIL, 2) FIRST CLASS 2, 3) CHRONICLE 2, and 4) FANTASTIC FOUR.
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