Tommy Lee Jones has no idea what MIB 3 is about, doesn't know why he's in Captain America

I've had the pleasure over my 10+ years of junketing to never have had to interview Tommy Lee Jones. Not because I don't enjoy his acting but because he's a notorious tough interview. Perhaps the toughest. That said, at least he's honest...

While taking time out of filming MEN IN BLACK III to promote SUNSET LIMITED, an HBO film he directed, Jones was asked about the third film in the MIB trilogy. So, Mr. Jones, can you give us an idea what the film is about? "No." And why exactly is that? "I don’t really know what the plotline is." You're in a movie and you don't know what the plot is? "There are vast pieces of the script yet unwritten." Huh...

Since Mr. Jones obviously didn't have much to say about MEN IN BLACK, the topic then crossed over to his role in CAPTAIN AMERICA. The interviewer asks Jones, "What are you doing in Captain America? I mean, literally: What are you doing in Captain America!?" as if to suggest that the movie is below his considerable talents to which, strangely, Jones does not disagree. "Yeah, I ask myself that same question every day! The character I play is the one you’ve seen in a thousand movies..." Looks like he may disagree with Joe Johnston's early review that would suggest CAPTAIN AMERICA is awesome (which it very well may be and Jones is just being curmudgeonly).

Source: NY Mag



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