Tommy Lee Jones signs on to Bourne 5


The next Jason Bourne movie starring Matt Damon is scheduled to hit a year from now (July 29th, 2016) so it's fitting that a big piece of casting news would be announced today. Tommy Lee Jones has officially signed on to BOURNE 5, most likely playing a superior officer at the CIA (as reported by Variety). Jones joins a cast consisting of Damon, Julia Stiles, and the recently announced Alicia Vikander. Paul Greengrass also returns as director (THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM, THE BOURNE SUPREMACY), shooting from a script written by him and Christopher Rouse.

As fun as the Damon/Bourne movies were, I was hip to the concept of a set of films focusing on another Treadstone agent. Sadly, THE BOURNE LEGACY just served up more of the same rather than something unique. That may have been for the best, as we're now getting a legitimate follow-up to THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM. Given that Damon's last film had a solid sense of closure, I'm wondering what Greengrass and Co. have up their sleeve in terms of a story. At the very least, can we steady the camera just a touch?

BOURNE 5 is scheduled to be released on July 29, 2016.

tommy-lee-jonesI really think they should bring back his wig from LINCOLN.

Source: Variety



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