Tony Gilroy to helm The Bourne Legacy with or without Matt Damon

Hey new BOURNE movie, haven't heard from you in awhile. What's going on?

Well, it looks like the man who was hired to write the screenplay for THE BOURNE LEGACY is now directing it as well.

According to Deadline, Tony Gilroy (MICHAEL CLAYTON) will saddle up to direct Matt Damon or someone who closely resembles Matt Damon. Universal hired Gilroy regardless of whether Damon decides to sign up or not. In fact, the studio would be just fine with replacing the actor with someone else.

But a BOURNE movie without Damon? If the money is right will Damon forget his loyalty to Paul Greengrass? Let's say Damon doesn't come back, can they make it appealing enough for people to still see it. I'd say the fan loyalty to the original Jason Bourne is pretty tight as well.

Originally BOURNE was due out in 2012, but there's no timetable set as of yet.

Extra Tidbit: Do you think that Damon will fold and take the role anyway?
Source: Deadline



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