Tony Scott going commercial and adapting a Grisham novel?

You wouldn't normally pair up director Tony Scott and author John Grisham, as I don't quite see their styles overlapping very much, but the LA Times is reporting that Scott is considering taking on THE ASSOCIATE as his next project.

The Grisham book follows a young lawyer being blackmailed to give secrets to an evil defense contractor. The film already has a many attached to it as William Monahan (THE DEPARTED) wrote it, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura is producing and guess who, Shia LaBeouf is starring. Is like just like the go-to “Young Professional” now? I’m sorry but he didn’t look old enough to be an i-banker (or whatever he is) in WALL STREET 2, and he doesn’t look old enough to be a lawyer. I’ll give him first year law school tops.

I vote they change “young lawyer” to “old lawyer” and just get Scott Favorite Denzel in there. I’m also a bit tired of the good ‘ol “evil mercenary army” plotline that everyone from THE A-TEAM to 24 has been using lately as they’re reluctant to dare insult a specific country, or god forbid, our own military brass.

That being said, there is a lot talent attached to the film, and Scott coming on board would only amplify that. Has anyone read the book? Would Scott be a right fit for this?

Extra Tidbit: I guess Denzel can always play the head of the evil defense contractor.
Source: LA Times



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