Too cheap for Suicide Squad? Then Sinister Squad is here to save your wallet

Sinister Squad

If you've been watching the rather superb marketing for SUICIDE SQUAD and wondered what it would be like if you stripped away the star power, ditched the talented director, and tweaked just enough to avoid legal repercussions, look no further! The Asylum, the studio responsible for such "mockbusters" as TRANSMORPHERS, THE DA VINCI TREASURE, and ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS. ZOMBIES, is back with SINISTER SQUAD, the cheaper and incredibly awful looking cousin to SUICIDE SQUAD. If you're brave enough to check out a trailer for SINISTER SQUAD, take a deep breath and scroll down.

SINISTER SQUAD kicks off when "a violent supernatural cult known as Death's Messengers reigns terror on Earth, a team of malevolent storybook villains is coerced into fighting in the modern world, but these baddies must learn to keep their true wickedness at bay if they want any chance at freedom." The film was apparently released on July 5th but this is the first I'm hearing of it.

Source: The Asylum



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