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I don't know if this is good news or bad news. It turns out that a staff member at the New York Post caught a sneak peek at much of GRINDHOUSE's ultra-violent footage and has reported that there is no way the movie can remain intact and receive an "R" status (which is needed to be shown in mainstream cinemas).

The trouble, he reports, stems from the fake trailers which were done by guest directors, which are to show during the film. The reporter goes on to list a couple of examples:

1. Rob Zombie's piece, WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE SS, features a Nazi concentration camp in which every woman is topless. There is also one point, where one of the topless women is tied down to a table, drained of blood and then branded with a swastika.

Explicit? Probably.

2. Eli Roth's trailer for THANKSGIVING, features a young girl (played by Jordan Ladd) performing oral sex on her boyfriend in his car. She realises, half way through the act that he has been killed by a slasher, because he happens to be missing his head.

Further on, there is a scene where an obese man eats a baby. I can't believe I just typed that sentence in sincerity. An obese man eats a baby.

Explicit? I'd say so, yeah.

Bad news? Probably won't get to see this stuff in the cinema. Good news? It exists. You'll probably get to see it on an unrated DVD edition some time.
Extra Tidbit: An obese man eats a baby.
Source: New York Post



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