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It wasn’t a bad year folks. It really wasn’t. There was a lot of crap, but in the end, we did get some pretty decent flicks. Some I would even consider that will go down as classics. There must be some sort of record broken in the film industry for most triquels this year? I don’t know what else to call it! I guess I should say the 3rd part to a series? Well whatever it’s called, there were a lot of them and most of them sucked. Come to think of it, none of those movies made my top 10. I have to agree with JimmyO, it’s extremely hard to identify which were the top 10 movies of the year. That’s like asking what’s you’re all time favorite movie…kinda. Anyways, here’s my list for 2007.

10. MR. BROOKS Costner and Hurt were great! Actually, this was probably one of Costner’s best roles. The storyline had a clever little twist on the whole serial killer genre. Any movie where you can take an evil character and root for him (kinda like DEXTER on HBO) makes good in my book.

9.WAITRESS I really enjoyed this movie. It was simple, charming and proof you don’t need a big budget or a big name to carry a movie. Kerri Russell was adorable and I’m digging all her choices of movies she’s been playing in. Unfortunately, the writer Adrienne Shelly who also co-starred died earlier that year. Too bad as she was a great writer!

8. GRINDHOUSE I loved this movie from day one! It’s too bad it tanked at the box office. Maybe “they” just didn’t get the point. I think it was the marketing. But the more I think about it, the more I’m leaning to the fact that only the hardcore movie fans can appreciate what Rodriguez and Tarantino were trying to do. PLANET TERROR was the more entertaining one but DEATHPROOF had its moments of dialogue and most importantly it had Kurt Russell! I love that guy!

7. BLACK SNAKE MOAN It was a fantastic movie with an original storyline. The characters were all well developed and engaging. Samuel L. Jackson was awesome (he usually is) but I still think Christina Ricci should get an Oscar nomination for her role. Writer-director Craig Brewer is a guy who I will definitely be keeping my eye on, this guy is a great story teller!

6. AMERICAN GANGSTER An excellent gangster flick with two very big names to carry it and it doesn’t hurt that Ridley Scott directed it either. Denzel Washington was on his “A” game playing crime Boss Frank Lucas and Russell Crowe played a very puffy Richie Roberts pursuing Washington’s character. Special side note: Josh Brolin is the new “bad cool guy”. He was excellent. AMERICAN GANSTER is up there with the best of them and will not soon be forgotten.

5. EASTERN PROMISES I was never a big fan of Cronenberg’s earlier stuff. It was just too out there. But his latest material such A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and now EASTERN PROMISES, this man has definitely got my full attention now. EASTERN PROMISES has a unique storyline with great characters. More importantly Viggo Mortensen plays one of the coolest characters on screen. His character just oozes with badass. Mortensen was phenomenal and he better get recognized at Oscar time! If you haven’t seen it its worth it just buy it to watch his performance. My only complaint was the ending; it was just little to abrupt.

4. SUPERBAD I’ve been watching Apatow’s work since the beginning with FREAKS AND GEEKS and UNDECLARED. Both always had me rolling on the floor. When Apatow’s T.V. universe migrated over to the big screen, I was pleasantly excited. THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN made me laugh hard. KNOCKED UP was just as hilarious. But SUPER BAD ruled them all! Apatow movies have a weird way of letting me recapture my youth or something. I’m looking forward to the PINEAPPLE EXPRESS! This is a special note of interest and this may be a bold statement but Jonah Hill could be the next Belushi! I’m serious, this kid has that comedic something and we are witnessing something great in the making! The kid really cracks me up!

3. INTO THE WILD I never thought becoming a bum would be so interesting to watch. But seriously, this movie did move me on many levels. It was an emotional and incredible journey of self discovery were anybody can appreciate. Sean Penn did a spectacular job behind the camera and Emile Hirsch gives an amazing performance. Alexander Supertramp is a name I will never forget.

2. 300 This movie pumped me up in so many ways. It made my bum hairs twitch and it gave me chills of excitement up my spine. When I walked out of that movie, I felt like I just downed a six pack of Redbull. This was a highly stylized film with not much of a story; it was essentially one big battle. But man, what a ride! Great movie experience and it certainly made me wanted to start carving my abs with a Gillette razor. Without a question, it put Gerard Butler on the map!

1. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN This is an American classic; it’s like a modern day western. The Coen brothers out did themselves and now I can’t decide which one I like more, this or FARGO. The real highlight in this is its characters. There so greatly developed! Josh Brolin once again kick’s ass, big things are headed his way! But if you are on the fence on checking this movie out, it is well worth your hard earned green just to go see Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh. This is by far the most intriguing villain on the big screen. He is a cold, relentless psychopath who I would never want to bump into. That “thunk” sound the air tank makes every time it goes off, it gave me the shivers. All in all, a great film!

That about wraps it up folks! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see JUNO and THERE WILL BE BLOOD as I have a sneaking suspicion they would have made it on my list. Like I said earlier there was a lot crap that was produced last year but in the end, we always get a few gems that really tickle our fancies’. Hopefully, this year, the film industry will give us a run for our money. I guess time will tell. In the meantime, here’s hoping your popcorn is always buttered and the guy behind you stops talking, go out and enjoy the movies folks. Oh yeah, have a very happy New Year!

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