Top 10 Singers or Musicians Who Became Famous Actors (video)

The leap from music success to acting stardom seems like a natural one nowadays. Being on a stage and captivating a crowd requires charisma and showmanship, which can translate well into a film career. Plus, it helps that most famous musicians are gorgeous, which checks off about ten items on the “movie star requirements” checklist. So many musicians have crossed over into celluloid, and we here at JoBlo have whittled it down to the top 10 in our newest video list. There are of course big names like Justin Timberlake and Will Smith, but have any of you checked out Elvis Presley’s filmography? And did you forget that her official title is Academy Award-winner Cher? We couldn’t fit in all the greats, like Barbra Streisand, or even the likes of Russell Crowe and Robert Downey Jr. (yes, they both have albums out and you owe it to your life to listen to them), but the list is a Who's Who of talent. Time to get funky.

Source: JoBlo



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