Top 10 Worst Movie Diseases You Wouldn't Want to Catch (video)

Getting sick is the worst, right? Like, you get headaches, your armpits break out in hives, you start farting uncontrollably and sometimes you even sprout hooves. Alright, in all honesty I don’t get sick that much, so I made some of that up. Still, catching a bug can be nasty business, and we here at JoBlo sympathize with everyone who has a case of the sniffles, but we’re here to remind you that people in the movies have it WAY worse than you. To get that point across we present you with our newest list - Top 10 Worst Movie Diseases You Wouldn’t Want to Catch. In the land of cinema, when someone gets sick it means eyes will bleed (or get eaten), your throat closes up (or gets eaten), you die (and then get eaten) or you become a crazy monster (who eats everything). Hollywood has thrown infection after infection at audiences, like in OUTBREAK, CONTAGION, 28 DAYS LATER and every zombie movie ever, and though some are worse than others, none of them can be cured with laughter.

Source: JoBlo.com



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