Top 5 Movie Mistakes - Batman (1989)

This time on Top 5 Movie Mistakes we cast our minds back a few decades to the seminal superhero movie from director Tim Burton, BATMAN. While it was in no way the first comic book movie, nor the first big screen adaptation of a DC property, it was the beginning of what we see today in terms of the superhero blockbuster. At the time the moviegoing public scoffed at the idea of Michael Keaton playing The Dark Knight, but the inclusion of Jack Nicholson to the cast, stepping into the iconic role of The Joker was huge. The film was a big success and spawned numerous sequels throughout the 90s that rapidly decreased in quality until Christopher Nolan decided to roll up his sleeves and reinvent the character for the big screen in the 00s. Still, BATMAN remains a classic of the genre that still holds up today as a vivid and stylized take on bringing a comic book to life in a movie.

But what are some of the more obvious goofs and slipups in this film? They range from changing props to visible film equipment, disappearing blood and even the phantom hand of a crew member gripped around Kim Basinger's waist... Let's take a look at them on Top 5 Movie Mistakes!

Extra Tidbit: Michael Keaton improvised the classic "I'm Batman" line, which was originally written in the script as "I am the night."
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