Top 5 Movie Mistakes - Deadpool (video)

The cinematic landscape of superhero movies has been changing significantly over the past few years. Movies like BATMAN V SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN felt like they would never materialize for the longest time, but despite the DC presence on the big screen finally jumping up to meet the juggernaut MCU, it was DEADPOOL in 2016 that broke a lot of new ground. We'd seen R-rated comic book movies before, but ever since the standard for blockbuster success was set by Marvel Studios, it appeared those days were long gone, let alone an R-rated comic book movie that could be a knockout success. In a world where Captain America chastises fellow Avengers on their "language!", DEADPOOL was a breath of fresh air, with Ryan Reynolds stepping into the part he was seemingly born to play. It ripped a hole in the conventions of a traditional comic book movie, with fourth wall breaking, profanity and violence colouring the film way outside of the lines. It was different, and it connected with audiences worldwide, thus opening the door for films like LOGAN to present us with a much more adult take on these larger than life characters than ever before.

However, as great as DEADPOOL was, you didn't think it would be free of movie mistakes, did you? I suppose in a film that actively acknowledges that it's a film, pointing out continuity errors and lapses in judgement is almost pointless. But this is Top 5 Movie Mistakes, and not even "God's Perfect Idiot" gets a free pass! So let's take a look at some of the goofs in the film, from disappearing debris to regenerating clothing and magical velcro straps!

Extra Tidbit: Deadpool 2 is scheduled to be released on June 1, 2018.
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