Top Gun 3D trailer brings you back to the danger zone for a limited IMAX 3D release

Tony Scott's era-defining aerial action pic, TOP GUN, is set to take flight in theaters once again in IMAX 3D next month.  Announcing the "need for speed" goodness is a new trailer that highlights the slam-bang, smash-cut, rip-roaring, bird-flippin', Kenny-Loggins-themed action that only Scott could deliver. The film was originally released in 1986 and became the launching pad to superstardom for Tom Cruise.

In many ways, TOP GUN has become something more than a film.  It's hard to watch it today and take it at face value, seeing as it's seeped into every fabric of pop culture, from catch phrases, t-shirts, deconstructions, and slow-motion volleyball (which I'm sure will thrive in 3D).  When you look at the legacy of TOP GUN, it's kind of brilliant and overwhelming.  From the soundtrack to the style to the performances and dialogue, the film is a staple of the '80's and inspired a new wave of high-octane, macho action flicks, many of which never quite measured up.

Has it lost that loving feeling?:

TOP GUN will play in IMAX 3D for a limited six-day engagement, from February 8 - 13, 2013, before it's blu-ray release on February 19, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be dodging volleyballs and buzzing the tower for this in theaters?
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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