Topher Grace is stuck in musical theater hell in the Opening Night trailer

Opening Night banner

OPENING NIGHT follows a failed Broadway singer (Topher Grace) who now works as a production manager who must save opening night on his new production by wrangling his eccentric cast and crew. Haven't heard of the flick? Jump in line! This was certainly news to my ears (and eyes) but I think the trailer is worth your time, so take a look!

I actually don't hate Topher Grace, but the dude has failed to find his niche in Hollywood. He keeps landing jobs though, so hopefully that changes! In the meantime, I think him playing the straight man (so to speak) among a gaggle of musical theater performers is the right way to go. I love a lot of the actors in this, and I think the premise can be fun if done correctly. At the very least, you know Taye Diggs is gonna kill it!

OPENING NIGHT looks to hit VOD services on November 18th.

Opening Night Topher Grace



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