Did Topher Grace fix the Star Wars saga?

He may forever be associated with the failure that was SPIDER-MAN 3, but Topher Grace will always remain a geek at heart.

News broke today that Topher Grace premiered his own redux of the STAR WARS prequel saga, something that all of us film nerds have dreamt about doing.  We live in an age where posting fan fiction and film edits is not a rarity, but when a celebrity undertakes such a project it garners notice from the mainstream media.

STAR WARS EPISODE III.5: THE EDITOR STRIKES BACK premiered at an undisclosed location in Hollywood where invitees included actors, actresses, writers, and other filmmakers.  Not quite the typical crowd for a fan film.

The original article breaks down the vast changes and edits that result in an 85 minute version of George Lucas' series but here are some highlights:

  • Jake Lloyd's "Annie" is completely gone.
  • Jar Jar Binks is reduced to a single line.
  • The word "clone" occurs once.
  • Darth Vader never says "Nooooooooooooooo!"

I for one hope that George Lucas embraces experiments like these and maybe some day we will get to see the fruits of Grace's labor. For now, only that select group has had a chance to see his edit.

Either way, it can't get any worse than what is officially released, right? Check out what could, quite possible, be the worst STAR WARS trailer ever made.

Extra Tidbit: Personally, if I were to edit a film series into a single movie it would have to be EMMANUELLE.
Source: SlashFilm



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