Tops in 2006 are...

A ton of end-of-year awards have been spouting up around the world of late, including the recent Golden Globe nominations, as well as a bunch of others -- too many to elaborate on here, but if you're interested in knowing what films, what actors, what directors and what key grips are winning awards these days, head on over to Movie City News' comprehensive AWARDS SCOREBOARD which updates on a regular basis and keeps tabs on all of the goodies being handed out. I don't necessarily understand how their charts work over there (maybe cause I'm a dumbass), but according to their 2006 TOP TEN LIST CHART, Marty Scorsese's THE DEPARTED and Clint Eastwood's LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA, have both received the most top 10 nods so far. BORAT follows in third place and my favorite flick of the year, Guillermo del Toro's PAN'S LABYRINTH, sits in about 11th place overall. Not too shabby for a movie that barely anyone has seen yet. They've even broken it down by specific critics' top 10 lists right HERE. Great place to hang for anyone who is into all of those awards and shit.

Extra Tidbit: According to this article, Sacha Baron Cohen was not speaking Kazakh in his film at all, but rather, Hebrew. As an aside, his side-kick producer was also not speaking Kazakh, but Armenian.
Source: Movie City News



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