Torchwood's Amy Manson is in the running to play Wonder Woman in CW's Amazon

That girl in the photo above, that scorching piece of ace is currently a popular candidate to play Wonder Woman in the CW's AMAZON.

The girl in question that I am objectifying goes by the name of Amy Manson, and you may have seen her in TORCHWOOD and BEING HUMAN. The Scottish-born actress has had a lot of experience in television as well as a few straight to DVD movies. Sources say that Manson has been rather impressive in auditions leading her to get several callbacks for the role. If chosen, she would play a younger Diana during her early days on Themyscira.

Back in September, I ran a "Cast This" specifically for this part. The readers of the site who participated chose Gina Carano as their number one to take on the role of Wonder Woman. The second and third place winners were Lynn Collins and Odette Annable (formerly Yustman), respectively. If I had to chose from those three, I'd take Collins. While I am all for bringing more female comic superheroes to the forefront (thought I wish they would expand outside of the usually choices), I feel like Wonder Woman's moment died some time ago.

The CW is eager to get AMAZON going, and it's possible that she will do a crossover with ARROW. OOOOOOoooo. I don't care for ARROW. I thought it was terrible, sorry.

Do you think Manson would make a good Wonder Woman?

Source: CBM



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