Tower Heist trailer arrives and goes better than expected

I will admit that I'm predisposed to hate a movie starring seeming comedy has-beens Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy, and furthermore so when I discover their team-up is being directed by Brett Ratner.

But you know, I geniunely liked this trailer for TOWER HEIST, and the two actors appear to be back in halfway decent comedic form, particularly Murphy who has had perhaps one of the biggest career slides in Hollywood history the last few years.

The story follows the staff of a luxury apartment building run by Ben Stiller who are defrauded out of their pensions by their chief client, Alan Alda who resides in the Penthouse. Stiller recruits ex-con Eddie Murphy to help him with a heist where the staff combines to find and steal Alda's $20M in cash.

Check it out for yourself below and see if you were surprised the way I was.

Extra Tidbit: For half a second, I thought Murphy was JB Smoove. It's been that long where I didn't even recognize him at first.
Source: Yahoo!



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