Trailer for Blumhouse's Happy Death Day will make you fear your special day

Most people spend their birthday out partying, hanging out with family or, in my case, eating pizza in bed while ignoring texts and phone calls because it’s my special day, dammit.  After seeing the new movie HAPPY DEATH DAY, however, people will most likely spend their special 24 hours locked away in their room with all the windows barricaded and loaded .22 Magnum at their side. You’ll understand why after you watch the first trailer below!

The title makes it sound like a straight-to-DVD gorefest, but the Blumhouse and Universal label means this movie will get some serious promotion, which could help make it a big opener on October 13. Slasher movies have taken a back seat to spiritual, demon-filled horror movies in recent years, so seeing some good, clean, dude-in-a-mask-tortures-a-college-student flick could be a welcome treat for mainstream viewers. There’s also another effect the movie will have: 50 Cent will be the most popular he’s been in years.

HAPPY DEATH DAY comes slashing in on October 13.

Source: BlumhouseUniversal



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