Trailer for Broken Lizard's Freeloaders looks like a decent late-night romp

Well, the Broken Lizard (SUPER TROOPERS) gang is at it again, this time tackling the subject of deadbeats in FREELOADERS, a comedy that follows a group of people living in a rock star's (in this case, real-life Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz) massive house and taking full advantage until it's revealed that the place is going to be sold.  The group bands together to scrape up enough money for a down payment to keep their party going by renting the place out to porn companies.  So, yeah, not exactly blowing the roof off the genre, but it looks like fun enough late-night juvenile fun.

Plus, Olivia Munn, who I know some dislike because, well, she's Olivia Munn, but let's not forget boobies.  Stay focused!  The rest of the film stars a hodgepodge of the Broken Lizard troupe with a special appearance from Dr. Quinn herself, Jane Seymour (looking amazing for a 60 year old, by the way). 


I'll put this in my Netflix Queue for sure, but unless you pour a bottle of Jack Daniels down my gullet and drive me to the theater I likely won't catch it on the big screen.  Some movies just look like they're made for a late night on HBO and this seems to fit that bill, which isn't really a bad thing at all. 

FREELOADERS hits VOD on December 11, 2012 and will see a limited theatrical run in January 2013.

Extra Tidbit: What's your take on the Broken Lizard gang? Do they still got it or not?
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