Trailer for campy sci-fi comedy sequel Iron Sky: The Coming Race unleashed

I actually remember the hype surrounded the original IRON SKY a few years ago, and what it supposedly would mean for independent films going forward. It was a low-budget action/sci-fi/comedy where fans and fellow online filmmakers collaborated and shared resources to create stunning special effects and striking images (such as Nazi flying saucers invading Earth from the moon) that rivaled some big-budget movies at the time. It was exciting, because it meant small movies don't have to look small anymore. I couldn't wait to finally see it.

Unfortunately, the film itself fell flat, mostly because it was punishingly unfunny besides a few sight gags, and the acting was pretty poor. And thus, it was quietly forgotten.

However, three years ago there was a teaser featuring the President meeting up with zombie Hitler riding a T-Rex in the hollow Earth. And like the original teaser of IRON SKY, it was visually striking; however, nothing to show that the humor had improved.

Well, now a proper trailer has been released, showing more of what the story will actually be. So let's see how this one fares:

Honestly, looks like more of the same. Unfortunately. Don't get me wrong, there are certainly some cool images (pretty much anything showing off the Hollow Earth location), and the effects - while obviously low-budget - are still pretty good. However, the melodramatic acting and juvenile comedy seem to be recreating the tonal disconnect the first film couldn't shake. And, besides the visual of Hitler on a dinosaur, there's nothing really funny anyway. The "mutherfuckas" line from Hitler was more groan-inducing than anything.

But it's also might just not be my cup of tea. I'm sure there are fans of the original on here (the sequel was pretty much entirely crowdfunded for a $15 million dollar budget, so it's a good bet), and probably liked what they saw in this trailer more than I did. If so, good for you! I am definitely rooting for it (I liked the similar-in-tone KUNG FURY, which benefitted from being more generally silly), but I'm personally just not feeling it right now.

Either way, IRON SKY: THE COMING RACE will be released February 2nd, 2018

Extra Tidbit: The first IRON SKY had an unfortunate subplot about turning a black guy white. Oof.
Source: YouTube



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