Trailer for Joan Jett documentary Bad Reputation celebrates a rock icon

Fun Fact: During my early college years, I used to spend my summer months working as a stage hand and runner for both the Bald Hill Ampitheater and the Vanderbilt concert venues. During that time, I had the pleasure of contributing to a performance staged by Joan Jett. As a part of the gig, I was tasked with going food shopping for Joan. Upon my return, she was delighted to see that I'd purchased honey for her tea that came in a bottle shaped like an adorable bear. She gave me a hug, and we became fast friends for the evening. Little did she know that I was also the spotlight operator for that evening's performance, and oh boy did she complain about how accurate I was with that thing. "I'm not Batman! Can we turn the signal down," she asked, several times. Mwuahaha!

Today, Magnolia Pictures has unveiled a trailer for director Kevin Kerslake’s Joan Jett documentary BAD REPUTATION. The movie follows Joan's early years as the founder and rock 'n roll warrior belonging to the all-female band the Runaways, who made a lot of noise during the 1970s punk scene. She was also the frontwoman of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, whose 1982 smash-hit "I Love Rock 'n Roll" went on to become an anthem for hard rockers and sporting events the world over.

Joan Jett has a pure rock and roll heart and her influence, both musically and as a role model to a generation, has been profound,” Magnolia president Eamonn Bowles said (via Variety). “Kevin’s film beautifully realizes her journey.”

Kerslake then added, “It’s so rewarding to have a film about an independent spirit like Joan Jett to be picked up by Magnolia, which has such a remarkable history of releasing challenging films and supporting independent efforts.”

Entirely financed by global music company BMG, BAD REPUTATION is set to turn things up to eleven courtesy of a script penned by Joel Marcus, with production by Peter Afterman and Carianne Brinkman, and executive production by Dan Braun of Submarine, and Justus Haerder and Kathy Rivkin-Daum for BMG. Co-producers are Alessandra Pasquino and Margaret Yen.

When BAD REPUTATION is released on September 28th, the documentary stands to school music lovers in the art of rock 'n roll, determination, and what it takes to become a legend in an industry dominated by male rockers. Throw your horns up and be sure to check it out.



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