Trailer for Netflix's Haunted recreates true, terrifying ghost stories

Tis the season to be scary, and Netflix has a wide variety of shows for you to “Netflix and Chills” with, and they just put out a trailer for what may be their most haunting outing yet. In the new show, HAUNTED, real people gather 'round a creepy room in a creepy house (which I want to live in) to share their even creepier ghost stories, which are then recreated with nightmarish visuals and unrelenting ferocity. Everyone loves a good ghost story, and this new show will push that love to the limit.

Regardless of whether or not most people believe in ghosts, there is a universal fascination with the paranormal, and stories like the ones these people are telling scare us to our core and, perhaps, challenge our own beliefs. This show looks truly terrifying, and the stories range from casual ghost tale to some f**ked up demonic encounters. While other shows on Investigation Discovery, or something, may utilize cheesy re-enactments, this one looks like it goes pretty hard, which is great news for horror buffs.

Whatever this show has to offer I am here to receive. A good ghost story can be an unforgettable thing, and HAUNTED looks like quite the experience. Pairing it with other Netflix outings this month like CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA and HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE means Netflix will be the place to go for all your horror needs, which means binging is either the best or the worst idea ever for a date night.

HAUNTED arrives October 19.

Source: Netflix



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