Trailer for the Bandito Bros. Prototype is a surprisingly cool-looking sci-fi romp

After a decent hit with ACT OF VALOR earlier this year, the production house known as The Bandito Brothers is at it again, this time with the sci-fi actioner PROTOTYPE.  Written and directed by Andrew Will, the film stars Neal McDonough, Joseph Mawle, and Anna Anissimova.  The pic centers on a rogue humanoid-robot being hunted by the government and has a very videogame-like feel to it, which isn't necesarily a bad thing.

Take a look:

This shows a lot of promise and could very well be another breakout hit for The Bandito Brothers.  Made for $40 million, the film will benefit from a lower budget if it can take hold with audiences and help propel the production company further into the Hollywood game.  Currently, The Bandito Brothers are prepping the Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle UNKNOWN SOLDIER and a NEED FOR SPEED film, based on the game. 

PROTOTYPE will be released sometime in 2013.

Extra Tidbit: The "prototype" in this looks like a hybrid of the villain Kroenen from Hellboy and the weird creatures from the animated film 9. What do you guys think?
Source: Deadline



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