Trailer Guy passes

I thought I could ease my way back into the swing of things after a long holiday weekend but when you wake up and hear the sad news that "Trailer Guy" Don LaFontaine ("In a world...) has died, it ain't easy. LaFontaine died yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles of complications from Pneumothorax, a disease that left him hospitalized in critical condition on August 22nd. LaFontaine had been doing voiceovers since the 1970s but didn't achieve public notoriety until the 1990s when people began to take notice of his distinctive and oft-used style. He rocketed to superstardom after a Geico commercial featured him and ran non-stop for a good portion of a year. Because he would sometimes fit over 30 voiceovers into one day, he had the distinction of being the busiest member of the Screen Actors Guild. Though his work was often parodied, it didn't diminish the amount of trailers he worked on. Watching trailers just won't be the same without him. For more on Don and his life, you can check out his official website.

Extra Tidbit: Turns out that's not LaFontaine in the BURN AFTER READING ads...
Source: CNN



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