Trailer released for new Netflix series The Oa

Netflix has been killing it lately with original content: BOJACK HORSEMAN, STRANGER THINGS, FULLER HOUSE, etc. While there have been a few duds (*cough*THE RANCH*cough*), I think overall Netflix has been focused on producing quality content. Or it has amassed so much information about our viewing habits that they've been able to mathematically calculate what we'd most likely stream with some sort of Orwellian-algorithm. But either way, damn fine shows regardless.

This leads us to the new mysterious show THE OA about "a woman who resurfaces after having been missing for seven years. Blind when she disappeared, she now has her eyesight restored." Here's the trailer:

I like it. It's haunting, mysterious, and seems to have a weird sci-fi element to it. Now it's always a gamble with these shows that deal with a central mystery (this one being: where has she been these seven years, and how did she regain her sight), since many times the answers are never satisfactory (look at LOST). But, speaking of LOST, the show also seems to be more focused on the human side of the equation, mainly how the main character deals with adjusting to her previous life. If it focuses on that and not the mystery, the show could be great. We'll see.

So what do you Schmoes think?

THE OA begins streaming today, December 16th, 2016.

Extra Tidbit: Oa is also the name of the Green Lanterns home planet.
Source: YouTube



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