Trailer twofer: Weird, creepy Citadel and cheesy, silly Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning

Like most movie fans, I am often lured in to some strange and oftentimes crappy movies out of sheer curiosity or seeking a guilty pleasure.  These two films, CITADEL and UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING both fit into those categories respectively.  I wouldn't pay to see these in theaters, but catching them on TV in one form or another (Netflix, blu-ray, whatever) would definitely get at least fifteen minutes from me, for better or for worse.  Okay, probably for worse.

First up is CITADEL, a horror flick that took the 2012 audience award at SXSW.  Directed by Ciaran Foy, the pic stars Aneurin Barnard and James Cosmo as an agorophobic father who is trying to find out the truth about a batch of feral, hoodie wearing children (which look like albino jawas) who attacked his wife and now seem to want his baby daughter.  It looks weird and creepy enough to intrigue, even though the "gang" in the film is a little hard to take seriously. 

Take a visit:

Next up is UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING, which is so far hell-and-gone away from Roland Emmerich's UNIVERSAL SOLDIER that the only thing recognizable is Dolph Lundgren's over the top performance as a crazed Vietnam vet resurrected from the dead.  Jean-Claude Van Damme is back as Luke Devaraux, only now he's a villain with a shaved head.  Or so it seems.  The torch for the lead has been passed to Scott Adkins, who looks to do a decent job of kicking, punching, and crashing through plate-glass windows.  It's almost like a mini reunion for THE EXPENDABLES 3, but I'm not expecting the good kind of cheese that that film brought.  I'm expecting the worst.

Here you go, Soldier:

CITADEL hits theaters in a limited run on October 19, 2012 and UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING will debut on iTunes on October 25, 2012 with a limited theatrical release on November 30, 2012.

I can't get the image of horror-movie jawas out of my head now...

Extra Tidbit: I loved the first Universal Soldier back in the day (it's been years since I've seen it; I doubt it holds up). I saw the first half of the sequel in theaters and never looked back after walking out. However, they keep churning them out, regardless. Anyone care to champion the follow ups to the original?
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