Tremors TV show coming to SyFy with Kevin Bacon in tow!

Well, it looks like yet another movie is getting the TV show treatment, and this time it's the cult-classic creature feature TREMORS, which will be coming to SyFy. It won't even be the first time, as there was a show (also on SyFy when it was still called Sci-Fi) that came out in 2003, but was quickly cancelled.

However, what makes this interesting isn't its existence (I bet you weren't aware we're on the fifth fucking movie, which came out just a couple years ago), but rather who's involved in the new project. Apparently Kevin Bacon - the main character of the first movie - is not only starring as his original character, but actually approached Jason Blum to get it produced himself. According to Bacon:

We are going to do a pilot for Syfy...It’s the only character I’ve ever played that I was interested in exploring 25 years later...It’s just the idea of this loser who is living a very ordinary life and has an extraordinary experience with these monsters and becomes, for a moment, a hero.

So, unlike a lot of movie-to-TV adaptations, this won't be a reboot or re-imagining, but a straight up sequel. Which could be interesting. I wonder if it will contradict the various direct-to-DVD sequels? Or if anyone will care if it does? I guess only time will tell.

No official release date yet, but we'll keep you posted as the project develops. This is definitely one I'll be keeping an eye on, at least. But what do you Schmoes think of this news? Sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: So what other Kevin Bacon movies would you like to see him return to?
Source: Screen Daily



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