Tricia Helfer on Bloodwork international poster

Lightning Entertainment has just released the international poster for BLOODWORK, formerly known under the far blander title PHASE ONE. 

"Battlestar Galactica" star Tricia Helfer looks more innocent than she is in the movie, where she stars as a mad scientist of sorts. The synopsis- 

Best friends Greg and Rob, college roommates, decide to earn a little extra cash by participating in a two-week pharmaceutical test over the Christmas holidays. Locked into a remote hospital facility far out in the isolated countryside, they find themselves part of a bizarre series of tests. But as order and control start to break down, it becomes clear that drugs are having increasingly dangerous side effects, and that no one involved in the test will be safe for long.

Travis Van Winkle (TRANSFORMERS) and John Bregar (SERVITUDE) star as the stupid college kids. Eric Wostenberg (SACRIFICE) directed the film from a script by David Nahmod.

The trailer was recently released on Quiet Earth and the film looks like it could be some bloody good fun, especially since it seems to just turn into a zombie movie at the end. Check it out below!



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