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Any fans of Will, Henry and Beanpole out there? Fear not, THE TRIPODS young heroes are still heading to The White Mountain under the guidance of Alex Proyas. Only thing stopping them right now is (what else) money.

The folks from Digital Spy caught up with screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine during a press tour for his cool-sounding film EXAM, and got a video interview where he claims to have completed the screenplay for THE TRIPODS movie written with Proyas himself who is currently trying to get a greenlight from the studio, using a recent small-budget sci-fi success as a reference.

"There's the number we want, and the number they're offering" says the writer. "We just got to figure out ways of doing it. I think there are, for example District 9. 30-35 million, and look what they did with that."

Based on the novels by John Christopher which also spawned a BBC series in the 1980s, the story follows three teens fleeing from alien conquerors dwelling in three-legged machines who enslaved humans with mind-control devices implanted in the brain.Think "War of the Worlds" had the Martians brought a pharmacist with them...

Alex Proyas behind such a concept could be awesome considering DARK CITY (KNOWING wasn't so bad, but Nic Cage kinda killed it for me...). Plus there's already the material for a complete trilogy AND prequel, so come guys - get it together!

Extra Tidbit: Remembering that old BBC show makes me wonder if we'll ever get a BLAKE'S 7 movie...
Source: Digital Spy



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