Tron Legacy sequel writer Jesse Wigutow to adapt Brian Bendis' Fire starring Zac Efron

Universal has hired TRON: LEGACY sequel writer Jesse Wigutow to script the adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis' FIRE.

The project has been one that actor Zac Efron has been attached to for some time. Bendis' graphic novel centers on:

A college student who is recruited by the CIA only to find out he is being trained for a program that churns out expendable spies.

Bendis and Efron sold the project three years ago during Sundance with the intention that Efron would star and Bendis would script. Unfortunately, it seems that it didn't work out with Bendis, and now Wigutow is in.

In addition to working on the TRON: LEGACY sequel, Wigutow has been busy with Disney's PARALLEL, Lionsgate's THE OSTERMAN WEEKEND, and worked on an earlier draft of THE CROW remake.

Bendis is usually a good read, and I've been told that FIRE is one of his better earlier works. Efron grew on me over time so I don't mind seeing him in something like this. You know what I'd like to hear more about-- that CROW remake.

Source: Deadline



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