Tropic Thunder co-writer Etan Cohen to direct Boy Scouts vs Zombies

Boy Scouts



While simpler doesn't always equal better (COWBOYS VS ALIENS didn't track too well as a title), Etan Cohen (MEN IN BLACK III) is going very simple indeed with the title of his directing debut: BOY SCOUTS VS ZOMBIES is exactly what it sounds like, as it "centers on a troop that must save a group of girl scouts from a pack of zombies with designs on spoiling a camping trip."

The script is by Carrie Evans and Emi Mochizuki and made the 2010 Black List (a list of the most-liked unproduced scripts in any given year), but will receive a Cohen-supervised rewrite from Lona Williams (DROP DEAD GORGEOUS).

Boy Scout new motto/symbol

If I was there though? I'd lie low and let the zombies eat all the boy/girl scouts they want, so long as they don't touch the cookies.  One decaying finger even brushes a Thin Mint and that zombie won't be getting their finger back.  It'll be like THE BOOK OF ELI all over again, except not blind.  Because even with being a badass and all, fighting blind against zombies seems like poor decision making to me.

I do have one request for Cohen - can the endangered girls look like this?

Destiny's Child dressed as boy scouts

Extra Tidbit: Cohen wrote and directed a short film in 2007 entitled MY WIFE IS RETARDED.



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