Tune in tomorrow night for the very first Hobbit trailer

Alright, normally I wouldn't dream of making a post announcing when exactly a trailer is going to premiere, as that would seem to be a waste of internet space, but when the movie is this big, and the timing is this odd, I felt I should clue you guys in.

At long last, we'll have an official trailer for THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY. It will premiere online tomorrow, Tuesday, December 20th at 7PM PST, which is 10PM EST for those of us on the east coast. Non-US folks, you'll have to do your own math, I'm sorry.

I believe this is the same trailer that's going to premiere before TINTIN, but I have to thank the studio for releasing it this way. The way Warners is handling THE DARK KNIGHT RISES spots are ridiculous, as they KNOW that the internet will be flooded with bootlegs of the new trailer and prologue after this weekend. I know it's a promotional tool for MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, but still, four days later, it's time to at least give us an HD copy of the basic trailer.

What will we see tomorrow in THE HOBBIT's spot? I think it will be more than a mere teaser, as there's been plenty of filming so far. Tune in tomorrow night for our own thoughts on the new spot.

Extra Tidbit: And no, my IMAX didn't have the TDKR prologue. Sad face.
Source: ComingSoon



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