TV Review: Arrow - Season 4 Episode 15 "Taken"

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Episode 15: "Taken"

Synopsis: Oliver realizes he needs help battling Damien so he calls in an old friend – Vixen. Using her magical ability to summon animal powers, Vixen gets a lock on Damien's location and the team goes to war. Meanwhile, Thea has a heart-to-heart talk with Malcolm.

Review: There may be some of you who don't realize that there are actually four shows in the Arrowverse. Aside from this show, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, there is another series featuring a DC Comics superhero in the interconnected narrative of these stories. Originally an animated web series, Vixen makes her live action debut in tonight's Arrow played by Megalyn Echikunwoke. She compliments a story that finally sees Damien Darhk meet his match while also setting up an even bigger opponent for our heroes in the final stretch of episodes this season.

After leaving an unsuccessful physical therapy session where the microchip implanted in her spine didn't help her walk again, Felicity and Oliver are confronted by Damien Darhk who reveals that he has kidnapped William, Oliver's son. Darhk gives Oliver until the end of the week to drop out of the mayoral race and throw his support behind Ruve Adams. This forces Oliver to reveal the truth about his son to Felicity and she doesn't take kindly to the news. Oliver and team know they are no match for Darhk's magic, so they call in Oliver's old friend, Vixen. Mari McCabe is a fashion designer in Detroit who possesses a magical totem that allowes her to channel the power of wild animals (when asked why they couldn't get Constantine, Oliver says he is in Hell. Literally).

Mari joins the team after picking up William's scent (after smelling the boy's Flash action figure, something Vixen begs Oliver to never tell Barry about) but she is no match for Darhk either. She does offer the insight that Darhk's power could be coming from some sort of totem to which Quentin Lance recalls having seen Darhk with a statue of some kind. Tracing the ley lines of magic through Star City, the team pinpoints where William may be held. But, before that, Oliver is given a new ultimatum by Darhk to drop out of the mayoral race that night, something he does right away. 

Assaulting Darhk's compound, Vixen is able to break in and steal the totem. While Oliver, Thea, and Laurel are held in Darhk's death grip, Vixen breaks the statue and with it all of Darhk's powers. Oliver knocks his nemesis unconscious while William looks on. At the police station, William is reunited with his mother and asks her for a Green Arrow action figure. As they say farewell, Vixen gives Oliver some advice about leaving William alone as it may be better for him in the long run. At the same time as Oliver records a message revealing his secret identity to his son (to be viewed when William turns 18), Thea confronts Malcolm Merlyn after learning it was not Darhk who kidnapped Oliver's son. Thea tries, once again, to break off her relationship with her father but he counters saying she would have been dead ten times over if not for him.

In the end, Felicity realizes that despite learning that Oliver had no choice but to keep William a secret from her, she cannot continue to live this life. She takes off her engagement ring and leaves it for Oliver, ending their relationship. As she explains to him why she cannot be with him, her legs begin to work and she is able to stand up and walk away from the man she loves. In the flashback sequence, Reiter's team opens a mysterious room on the island which triggers an appearance from a white-eyed spirit posing as Conklin. Locking Oliver in the room, the spirit dissipates after the tattoo given to him by Constantine begins to glow, allowing his passage. Reiter returns and has Oliver lead them on into the massive cavern beyond.

This was another solid outing for Arrow and one that introduced the slightly lame character of Vixen. Compared to Green Arrow or The Flash, Vixen's animal abilities are kind of lame. I am not sure she could carry her own series, but she was a nice compliment to the team this week. DId anyone else notice that her home city is Detroit? I always thought DC Comics used fictional cities? Anyway, I was very surprised to see Darhk lose his powers this week as I was expecting him to be the foe for the rest of the season. But, if the teaser for the next new episode is any indication, Malcolm Merlyn may once again become the big bad that he has not quite been since the first season.

Final Verdict:

Next on ARROW: "Broken Hearts" airs March 23rd

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