TV Review: Better Call Saul - Season Two - Episode 7

This recap/review of Better Call Saul is written with the expectation that everyone who reads this and comments below will have seen the episode already. Thus, if you've yet to see the episode in question, DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER. SPOILERS!

EPISODE: Season 2, Episode 7: Inflatable

PLOT: Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk), Kim (Rhea Seehorn) and Mike (Jonathan Banks) all make ambitious plans for the future.

REVIEW:  Week after week, whenever a new episode of Better Call Saul ends, viewers - either in the comments below or on Twitter - ask the same question: when is Jimmy going to become Saul? While he’s still not going by the name Saul Goodman, by the end of this week’s episode Jimmy is further on his way then ever before. A wildly eventful episode, by the end Jimmy’s out of Davis & Main, in his own practice and sporting a wild ensemble very reminiscent of the threads favored by a certain gangster mouthpiece.

bob odenkirk better call saul

As in the last few weeks, Kim’s story-line is just as central as Jimmy’s. In fact, it’s her leaving HHM that allows Jimmy to finally strike out on his own, as it was only the fact that her position there depended on his good behavior at Davis & Main that made him an even somewhat respectable attorney. Now that he knows Kim’s future is secured he launches into his own endgame as Davis & Main, being helpfully informed that if he quits he forfeits his signing bonus, making him need to be fired not for cause. That means, loud suits and annoying behavior are on the books, and once he breaks out a set of bagpipes Clifford (Ed Begley Jr) finally gives in and gives him the heave-ho (telling him he thinks he’s an “asshole” along the way).

Ambitiously, Jimmy comes up with a bold plan to start his own firm with Kim, something she shoots down when she makes him admit that despite his best intentions he’ll always be “colorful” as that’s where his peculiar talents lie. Even still, after some soul searching Kim decides he’s half right and going into a semi partnership with him, sharing office space and resources, but stopping short of being full partners with her not wanting to decisively link her reputation to his. Probably a good call.

As always, Odenkirk and Seehorn’s performances are impeccable, with their excellent chemistry paying-off even more than usual. Even if she thinks he’s a thoroughly dishonest attorney, it’s clear Kim loves Jimmy - but I must admit the fact that she’s not around in Breaking Bad has me worrying about her future. Being such a fan of her I really hope she doesn’t get killed-off and every time I see her light up a cigarette I cringe, given the fact that the creators seem to be making a point about her habit.

bob odenkirk better call saul jonathan banks

I’m also pretty happy that Jimmy is finally unshackled from Davis & Main, meaning he can get back to schemes and scams, with this “honest” Jimmy being a bit of a drag there for awhile. The episode starts off with him helping Mike clear-up his story for the Salamanca’s, even offering to do it pro bono. Something tells me Mike is going to be needing a lot from Jimmy as the season goes on (there are still three episodes left).

Breaking Bad Crossover: The biggest crossover with Breaking Bad this week, other than Jimmy’s Saul-like wardrobe, is Mike’s subplot, where he struggles to pay for a nice new house for his daughter-in-law and grand-daughter. Mike’s screen-time this week is limited, but with him driving to Hector’s HQ at the end, it’s clear he’s going to try to get in tight with the old man, although I wonder if that means selling out Nacho (Michael Mando)?

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