TV Review: Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 3 "Oathbreaker"

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EPISODE 3: Oathbreaker

THE PLOT : Winter is coming, and with it, the white walkers. If those still standing don't band together soon, the iron throne may become a throne of ice.

THE LOWDOWN: (The following column contains MAJOR SPOILERS, so I don't recommend reading this if you haven't watched this episode). As I watch this season, it’s clear we’re approaching the final lap, which is as much a good thing as it is bad. I hate to see this show end, but I love where it’s going…mostly. Jon was a little mopey when he first woke up, but thank Christ he came to his senses and got shit done. Leaving the wall behind is the best bet, and I hope Davos and Melisandre become his new posse along with the wildlings. That said, with Ramsay getting ready to storm the wall, maybe it’s not the best course of action yet. However, now that Ramsay’s got Rickon (didn’t see that shit coming), he may well send word to Jon in hopes of drawing him out. I know for a fact he won’t just kill Rickon and waste a perfectly good bargaining chip, but I was sad to see they killed Shaggydog.

I’m seriously not a fan of Dany’s storyline this season, and yes, it’s partly because I don’t understand the significance (which I’m sure will be revealed), but the writer in me feels like her story’s a small packet of jam being spread over way too much bread. We’re three episodes in, not much has happened, I mean hell, she was captured last season, so being shuffled around isn’t much in the way of progress. Jorah and Daario are…looking for her…and as much as I enjoyed Tyrion’s dragon-whisperer moment last week, their crew contending with Meereen’s Harpy upheaval is f*cking boring. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Varys’ part in this episode, I truly did, but again, it just feels like they’re towing the line with these characters right now. Again, this could be leading up to something truly spectacular, and I hope it is, but getting there is a bit of a bore.

Speaking of towing the line, King’s Landing isn’t fairing all that better. I loved the semi-small council meeting—I was beginning to wondering if Granny Tyrell would ever resurface, but other than vaguely address some serious situations, Pycelle nearly shitting himself was the highlight of that scenario (entertaining in its own right, sure, but I so wanted more). The King’s meeting with the High Sparrow was equally underwhelming, I mean, for the love of God people, DO SOMETHING! There was one great moment to be had though, as I predicted, Cersei is done grieving and is now out for blood. I love seeing her back in high gear. Head’s will soon roll.

GAME OF THRONES SEASON 6’s third episode is still building the fire, but I’m starting to feel the heat. Another avenue I don’t fully understand (but am getting excited for) is Bran. I love the visions, and I really love how he’s starting to have control over them. Clearly there’s a juicy piece of history he’s meant to see, one that will potentially change things, and from what I can tell, it’s going to be huge. Lastly, our visit with Aria was finally productive. Sure, she still got the hell beat out of her again, but she’s finally passed her trials and got her sight back. She’s a wildcard, one whose part in this I can’t even begin to imagine at this point, but I’m excited to see her do whatever that might be. House Stark isn’t as dead as people think, and I’m pumped to see a reunion.

SEX/NUDITY: Dany gets naked, but we don’t see it. Oh, and Tormund makes a joke about Jon’s ‘sword size’.

VIOLENCE: Bran’s vision is a super sweet knight battle (to the death) featuring a young Ned Stark. That in itself is enough to get excited about. There’s also some hangings, which end up being pretty gross.

MOST EPIC SCENE: Has to be Aria drinking the water and getting her sight back, but Pycelle’s fart was a close second.



Extra Tidbit: Where is Littlefinger, and what is he plotting?



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