TV Review: Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 5 "The Door"

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EPISODE 5: The Door

THE PLOT : Winter is coming, and with it, the white walkers. If those still standing don't band together soon, the iron throne may become a throne of ice.

THE LOWDOWN: (The following column contains MAJOR SPOILERS, so I don't recommend reading this if you haven't watched this episode). If this season has shown us anything, it’s that major storylines are coming together in surprising, eerie and fantastic ways. Be it book or show, this is a testament to great writing and I feel it’s only fair to say how impressed I am. Right out the gate, I loved the opening between Sansa, Brienne and Littlefinger. Sansa’s no fool, and at war or no, there’s really no other way that conversation could have went. Will Littlefinger still try to help? I have no doubt, but at the very least he gave her info on her uncle, The Blackfish—if you don’t remember him, you’re probably not the only one, we haven’t seen him in quite some time. Rallying the North to her aid won’t be easy, but Sansa and Jon can do it, of that, I have no doubt. Oh, and I didn’t mention it last week, but I’m loving the whole Tormund/Brienne thing, it’s beyond hilarious.

What role Arya has yet to play remains a mystery to me. After last week, I’m thinking “hells yes, she’s in and going places”, but this week she’s back to getting the shit knocked out of her. Is the whole play thing another test? It has to be, right? Of all the plays these actors could be putting on, it has to be THAT one, making her family look like simpletons. True to her new cause or not, that’s got to be hard for Arya to watch. Dany’s reunion with Daario and Jorah also went about as expected, with Jorah admitting to having greyscale. He says he’s not sure if there’s a cure, but I was of the opinion there is no cure. Be that as it may, he’s now commanded to find one. Hell, if the Lord of Light can bring back the dead, he should be able to clear up some cracked skin. Time to find yourself a priestess Jorah, just make sure she’s not some scorned gypsy though, or you might up like Drogo.

Speaking of the Lord of Light, one of the more fascinating character introductions came from his flock. Kinvara, introduced as the first of the Lord of Light’s priestesses, outranking Melisandre herself. I mean, that alone is cause to raise an eyebrow, but her knowledge of what happened to Varys was downright creepy. The look on his face when she went off about it. Damn. I’ve never seen Varys lose his composure before, but he was chilled to the bone and it was obvious. The Lord of Light’s minions are popping up everywhere, and influencing all the right pieces on the board, so I’m extremely excited to see where this is going. Yara’s claim to the Ironborn throne was short lived, but honestly, after seeing the coronation process, I’m thinking she dodged a bullet. Yes, can you please drown me in the water, hoping my ass will come back? I think I’ll pass.

GAME OF THRONES SEASON 6’s fifth episode was a powder keg of holy f*cking awesome, especially from Bran’s storyline. Who would’ve thought, right? The white walker king seeing him in the dream and then coming for him, just like that! No waiting around, no pondering the process, just “hey, let’s go smoke those fools”. Add to that, we learn the tree children actually created the damn walkers in the first place—which was nuts. That sure came back to bite them in the ass. But the most heartbreaking revelation of the night was the predestined fate of Hodor. Again, I have to say, this is a prime example of powerful writing, and as much as it made me tear up, I applaud them for it. Hold the door. The meaning of that sentence is forever changed. What a powerful moment, not just for the episode, but the series in general. Season six is on fire, and although I’m sad to say we’ve reached the halfway mark, I couldn’t be more pumped to see where we end up come season’s end.

SEX/NUDITY: There’s some backstage nudity at the playhouse, boobs and even a penis.

VIOLENCE: The white walkers do their thing, ripping people to pieces, the tree children have some bloody rituals, and we get lots of exploding bones and body parts.

MOST EPIC SCENE: The Hodor reveal is bar none the best in the series thus far. Well done.



Extra Tidbit: There’s no way in hell Dany would side with the Ironborn. Ships or no ships, I just don’t see it.
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