TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow - Season 2 Episode 7 "Invasion!"




Episode 7: "Invasion!"

Synopsis: After learning the Dominators' plan for the world, the Legendsmust work together with The Flash, Supergirl and Green Arrow to kill them once and for all. Meanwhile, Stein figures out, with the help of others, how the team can terminate the Dominators, but is distracted by the aberration he realizes he created in 1987.

Review: While last night's Arrow was also a celebration of that series' 100th episode, it also managed to put our human heroes into outer space for the first time, something that has become second hand to the Legends of Tomorrow. In tonight's concluding chapter of the massive Arrowverse crossover, the Legends get to put their timeship to good use as the final showdown with the Dominators comes to fruition. It may not be the best episode of the crossover but it certainly wraps things up with some nice action and witty one-liners along with some significant developments that will span all four shows. But, like each hour has done so far, this episode is structured as a Legends hour which is why we get to see so much of Heywood, Mick, and Dr. Stein.

During The Flash, Dr.Stein learned his foray into the past earlier this season on Legends resulted in a time abberation that gave him a daughter he never knew he had. With the impending war with the Dominators coming,Stein and Caitlyn team with his MIT-trained offspring to find a way to defeat the alien attackers. Dr. Heywood finds old army footage of the Dominators last visit in the 1950s and Cisco and Felicity offer to go back with them to retrieve an alien subject to try and communicate with them. It is nice seeing the "tech support" get some time on an adventure, but Vixen, Mick, and Heywood relegate them to stay on the Waverider. The trio take down a lingering Dominator but are soon intercepted by some Men in Black who tranquilize them and the alien and take them for study. Felicity and Cisco have a heart to heart about his grudge with Barry and them grab some weapons to bust their friends, and the alien, out of custody. They use the broken dominator ship to send the alien home, thinking they did something good.

Back in 2016, the team learns the truth from the elder Man in Black who indicates they had a 60 year peace with the Dominators that was broken when Barry created Flashpoint. In punishment for Barry changing the timeline, the Dominators want him turned over or they will detonate a massive weapon that will kill every metahuman on the planet. Barry agrees to sacrifice himself for the good of humanity, but all of the other heroes band behind him to fight the Dominator threat as a single unit. Even Cisco,who realizes that the Dominator they saved in the past altered the alien plan in the future, forgives Barry as he now knows what changing history can do. Oliver asks Kara to sit out the battle as he doesn't trust he because she is an unknown factor which angers Supergirl. Eventually, they come up with a plan thanks to the Steins and go into battle.

The massive fight here is an exception compared to the rest in this crossover as it takes place in daylight and we see the scope and scale of what even the small TV budget these shows get can accomplish.The effects may not match the big screen, but the heart here more than makes up for it. Everyone works together, even Supergirl earns Oliver's trust when she saves him, and they fight back the Dominators. Sara and Cisco use the Waverider to hold the metabomb as long as possible while Firestorm use their powers to change it into water, letting it wash down harmlessly over Central City. The Dominators flee, defeated, and our heroes are celebrated by the new President in a ceremony held before military officials.It is nice to see these heroes recognized for their work which rarely happens on these shows in such a way. While the Dominator threat may be contained, I wouldn't count them out from showing up again someday.

As everyone celebrates and prepare to go their separate ways, we first see them have a little party. The best moment comes when Ray Palmer tells Felicity that Kara reminds him of his cousin, a brilliant nod to Routh's starring role in SUPERMAN RETURNS. By far my favorite reference any of these shows has done yet. Cisco gives Kara a gift of a personalized portal device which allows her to visit their world at any time if she needs help, meaning we can likely expect many more crossovers in the future. Sara and Oliver reflect on the dream from last night's Arrow and embrace knowing it was a special vision they all shared. Barry asks Diggle for forgiveness but Diggle tells him he just needs to forgive himself. Barry and Oliver bid farewell to everyone and realize they need to spend more time together but not as heroes and head to a bar for some beers and to discuss who would win in another race, if they have one. It is a nice ending to an action-packed four hours.

Legends of Tomorrow is my least favorite of the four Arrowverse shows but this episode did a nice job of showcasing the various members of the current Waverider crew and introducing Flash and Arrow characters to their world and methods. I also think that all four of these series coming together like this will do a lot for the fanbase of each series, especially Legends as newer characters like Steel and Vixen get a good showcase in this hour. Overall, I enjoyed this episode more than Arrow but it still pales compared to the excellent hour of The Flash. Even so, Greg Berlanti and The CW should be absolutely patting themselves on the back for pulling off such a huge event over four series. An accomplishment like this has not been achieved on television before with a single narrative that connects seamlessly across every series while retain the title show's style and format. This is an absolute win for comic book fans everywhere.

Next on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: "The Chicago Way" airs December 8th - When a new Time Aberration is discovered by the Legends, they find themselves headed to 1927 Chicago. The Legends quickly realize that they have been set up by Eobard Thawne, Damien Darhk and the newest member of the Legion of Doom, Malcolm Merlyn.

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