TV Trailers: First looks at Stephen King's Under the Dome and Simon West's The Saint

It is a really great time for quality television series. While there is still a ton of crap on the tube, many networks are embracing quality over quantity. In the mold of premium cable series, a lot of series are coming with limited runs of 10 to 13 episodes. Sure, it means less episodes each year, but they are so much better made. With intriguing series like HANNIBAL yet to premiere, this summer is looking like it could be a boon for quality shows. Here come two more: Stephen King's UNDER THE DOME and a reboot of THE SAINT.

We have been hearing about UNDER THE DOME for a while now, including the footage-less teasers playing on CBS since the Super Bowl. Now, we have this brief behind the scenes look at the show featuring our first look at the action. It is great to see BREAKING BAD's Dean Norris in his first post-Walter White role. Plus, Stephen King being on set means this is a series approved by the author. The series was developed for television by former LOST writer Brian K. Vaughn. Vaughn also brought us the brilliant Y: THE LAST MAN, which gives me instant faith in the series. The pilot was directed by THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO's Niels Arden Oplev.

Pretty cool, huh? On the other side of thing we have CON AIR director Simon West's pilot for THE SAINT. The classic Roger Moore spy series which was remade into a movie with Val Kilmer gets a small screen treatment starring Adam Rayner as Simon Templar. Made as a TV movie/backdoor pilot, THE SAINT has not been picked up by any network yet. It looks like it would fit on a channel like TNT or USA.

The cast includes James Remar, Enrique Murciano, Thomas Kretschmann, Greg Grunberg and two of the original Simon Templars, Roger Moore and Ian Ogilvy. What really intrigues me is the gorgeous Eliza Dushku returning to network television. She alone would give me enough reason to check it out. How about you?

UNDER THE DOME premieres on CBS on June 24, 2013 while THE SAINT has no scheduled release yet.

Source: BlastrDeadline



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